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DenturesA denture is used to replace lost or missing teeth and can ensure that you are still able to smile with confidence.

Dentures can be full meaning that they replace all the teeth on either your upper or lower jaw or partial meaning that they will fill the spaces left by lost or missing teeth. Partial dentures are often secured with clasps which fit round your remaining teeth. This helps to make the denture more secure.

Dentures can either be made from acrylic or chrome cobalt metal. Your dentist will be able to advise on the best material for your denture depending on your oral health history.

Dentures can help you to eat and speak comfortably and help to improve confidence and self-esteem. Full dentures can help to support your face, plumping out your cheeks and lips. Partial dentures help to ensure that your remaining teeth do not become crooked or tilted as they move to take the space of the missing tooth. This can affect the way you bite and cause damage to your remaining teeth.

Dentures can be fitted as soon as teeth are removed. However it is recommended that the initial denture is an acrylic one as this can then be relined to fit around any shrinkage of the gums which may happen in the months following extractions as the tooth sockets heal. It would then be possible to remake the denture in chrome once the gums have settled.

It is advisable that you wear your dentures constantly for the first few months. After this you should be able to take them out at night and they can be stored in a small amount of water to ensure that they do not warp or change shape.

Dentures if looked after well should last for several years. However dentures will need to be relined and re-made over time because of expected normal wear and tear. It is important that if your dentures start to feel loose or ill-fitting that you see your dentist as this can cause sores and irritations on the gums, as well as problems talking and eating. It is important dentures are replaced before they start to cause problems.